45.65gb // 1668 files // 4hr 57min continuous playback

This year, a team of 43 sound designers and recordists from around the world teamed up to make a giant library of cartoon SFX. We’re raising money for a few different causes.

How Does It Work?

In the spirit of giving back to our communities, we wanted to capture sounds for a cause. So we are raising funds for 3 non-profit organizations we’re doing a unique system where 100% of donations go straight to charity.
In order to receive the library donate $50 or more to one of the following organizations:

- Doctors Without Borders
- Climate Change
- Hearing Loss Research

In return, you’ll be sent a receipt to your email
You can either:
- Forward that email to frscharity@gmail.com
- Take a screenshot showing the organization, email and donation amount to frscharity@gmail.com
The receipt contains, your address and phone number, so if you’re uncomfortable with sending any information on the receipt, you can scribble that out on a screenshot and send that instead. Just make sure the donation amount, email and date are showing.

Download the PDF with detailed instructions here